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The Way In

The extraordinary good man Jesus is revealed in his autobiography. In his own words, we learn of his life and thoughts and the roots of how he became an astonishment to the world of his day.

The Way In adds deeper color to his established roles as a priest, teacher, doctor and healer and radically expands our view of Jesus with his experiences as a multilingual scholar, a captivating musical artist and poet, a globetrotting sailor and adventurer, an Olympic athlete, an animal loving communicator and a mind altering activist.


The Way In depicts my personal relationship with Jesus by imagining his life from conception to crucifixion and beyond. This imagined autobiography from his point of view reveals an extraordinary child delighted in discovering the world of the first century A.D.  We follow his mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth as he travels throughout the ancient world discovering influential people of many different religious backgrounds. The antecedents of his own teachings are evident in the fruits of his learning.

The Gospels give very little about Jesus' life and times prior to his ministry. Apart from the holy birth, this lack of history provides succor to projections concluding he was just an ordinary everyman - perhaps a hint of what was to come with just enough scriptural knowledge provided by g-d to impress a few rabbis at the temple when he was a boy of 12. But then nothing much happened for 20 years?? Suddenly a hero for simpletons magically appears and conjures all that wisdom out of thin air?

What music did his inner voice bring him? What dreams did his unconscious mind bring? What were his passions? What motivations drove him on? I yearned for him to have more dialogue with Angels,

more disputes with Satan.

Then there are the gospel accounts that stretch the stories. Magical miracles mixed up with wisdom in parables. Perhaps the real points of the teachings are blurred - too much fantasy, or maybe not enough Pentateuch power. Modern ideas like equality for women and respect for other species and the environment could be there in the cracks.

To worship the Creator do what he does - create.
Here are impossible tracks with words written in poetry.
Here you have to work wonders in your own mind to follow the song

images come to life
sounds of life come out
through the words
found in the womb
the savior of silence sings

sheama final sm

The white tigress Sheama guides Jesus up the Mekong and down the Yangtze, sharing the quest for the way in.